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Sweet Victim

Hi there!

It took me a while, a good while to figure out what this blog will be about. It is more about songs and pictures I believe, good recommendation of songs that is…and dramas and graphic design! from everywhere and fashion pictures or else and the artist picture. The idea was like I love so many things I didn’t know if i had to have a blog for all the things then I decided to combine then and it gave me “Baby Don’t Cry” or if you want to call it “Loved to last” because I really hope that this blog will hang on. I’ve been influenced by many languages from French, to English to Japanese, everything influenced me one way or another and it is never boring to learn it is just going to open your mind to great things that is what it did for me. In the mean time have a seat *take the candles and fake snow away plz* and enjoy your stay!



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  1. yaya / Jun 1 2008 3:58 pm

    I love your summary on zettai kareshi and your icons. I hope u don’t mind if i steal them. They’re luvly!!!Thanks

  2. Minori / Oct 21 2010 5:19 am

    Hey !
    I love your site ~~ I’ve been checking since … 2 years ago ??
    I absolutely love your blog !!
    Have you stopped editing this blog ? It seems rather un-updated.

    I hope you keep making beautiful wallpapers (:

    Can I make a request ?
    Akai Ito – Mei + A-kun (:
    or just a mizubata junpei wallpaper ~ PLEASEEEE XD

    • nicedream12 / Dec 30 2010 1:58 am

      I would gladdy do that! I just need the picture I will try to undust myself with photoshop and do your wallpaper!

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