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May 30, 2010 / nicedream12

Sunao Ni Narenakure Episode 7: Some drama for thoughts.

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

I just finished episode 7 and I am getting certain that the person bleeding at the beginning of the show is Doctor…

(Now if I am wrong consider the fact that it might also be Peach wait now I am certain it is her, because she is staring to like Nakaji…) Ok never mind I think it is Peach… or Doctor maybe Linda. Yeah I am confused too. But Doctor’s relationship with Haru is not ideal. I mean he is all pushy, I used to feel for him but now I don’t like him anymore. I want Haru to end up with Nakaji. I love their relationship. Doctor is just going to get his heart broken anyways. Who cares right? I know.

Now it is official that Linda is homosexual. He likes Nakaji, I mean who in his right mind will sleep with an unattractive lady just to save a friend’s job? I mean I wouldn’t do that for my friends. I am sorry but that’s just not happening. Plus Doctor asked him: “do you like someone right now?

He said: “yes it is unrequited…

At least with 4 episodes left, we know one thing surely. Someone will get hurt physically because emotionally they are all wrecks anyways.

If you haven’t started to watch this show, you should because it’s bittersweet.

I am team Nakaru~


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