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May 30, 2010 / nicedream12

Oh Merde!

Little corrections about the latest posts. Gomen!

First off about Akanishi Jin, he didn’t leave Kat-Tun or crap like that he is having a concert here in the USA in L.A but his future with Kat-Tun is unsure. By The way who is going to the concert?  I am too far and Jin ain’t my favorite Japanese artist I don’t give a rat’s a.. about his concert but I like Kat-Tun though… anyways I was talking about me being unreliable… it’s not 3 years of blogging its 2 lol oh well the idea that I have a post about it… I should be ashamed, I knew it was 2 years but for some reason I was thinking 3… I don’t know what I was thinking about at that time I was probably listening to that Britney’s song 3 this is not even a joke. Oh and tsuki no koibito, I should have watched episode 1 to know the story with Xiu Mei…

so now that I cleaned up my act, you can count on me again… hopefully with graphics . in the meantime listen to MiChi!

and fyi don’t google what merde means, you are not supposed to say it anyways so you don’t want to know. 🙂


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  1. jicks / Jun 1 2010 8:41 pm

    lol merde, that was the first word i learned in high school during french class. you need to know these things for back up ^^;;

    believe me, if i was in the states, i would be onto akanishi jin. NOW.

    but alas, i can continue to hope that one day johnny kitagawa san will decide upon a worldwide JE tour & NOT forget that australia is a part of this world too lololol

    btw, nice pictures of kame you must have on your hard drive… even nicer what you are doing to them :))

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