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May 27, 2010 / nicedream12

Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~

Oh that lame  heart shaped moon.
I watched episode 2 of this new Jdrama and I love it, I will be watching this and Sunao Ni Narenakute.

Wiki D-Addicts gives us this synopsis

Hazuki Rensuke, the President of Regolith, is determined to increase his company’s market share in the house furnishing business. His life takes a different turn when three women enter the picture.

So this synopsis is so lame it won’t make you want to watch the movie unless you know that the lead role is given to Kimura Takuya. Basically what I got from episode 2 is that Rensuke got a new company and he was trying to get this poor Chinese girl (Liu Xiu Mei) to be his .oe, never mind that Rensuke already has a girlfriend and his girlfriend is the daughter of the rival company. I can’t say anymore of that or else it will be a spoiler. Shinohara Ryoko plays Ninomiya Maemi, she is Rensuke’s childhood friend and from what I get is that she likes him because Rensuke is the epitome of a jerk but yet they have been friends for so long… Matsuda Shota plays Sai Kazami/Cai Feng Jian, and he likes Ninomiya…
They all work for Rensuke… as the story unfolds I can’t really tell you anything lol I can’t wait for episode 3… I am hooked!


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